This is the first course in the series Reading Comprehension. It introduces the learner to key terms and concepts required to make the best of the material covered in this series.

Thank you for embarking on this journey. This course falls under the category Subject Instruction. Through this course, you will get a chance to examine the value of reading instruction in class and how students develop a love for reading. You will also learn key terms and concepts that are integral to Reading Comprehension instruction. As a result of taking this course, you will be able to help students in your classroom develop a love for reading and assign students books based on their proficiency as opposed to the same book for all.

This course meets the following standards:

  • CENTA Standards:

a. T1.1.1a: Shows knowledge of content and procedures of the chosen subject.

b. T1.1.3a: Shows knowledge of common developments related to the subject, which are beyond the text book.

c. T1.4.1a: Shows knowledge of the purpose of content in the chosen subject and the competencies and thinking skills that this content develops.

d. T2.1.1a: Shows understanding of and ability to apply content-specific pedagogical methods and subject-specific pedagogical resources.

Course Duration in Hours: Approx. 2-3 hours
Skill Level: Beginner