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It helps you with tools you need to build every child's hopes and dreams, and ensure your students are achieving their educational goals.

It provides you with strategies for planning and organising your time so that you can ensure that every child is learning to achieve his or her potential.

It recognizes your role as a leader, and presents tools to lead effectively and collaborate within the school community.

Firki is for any educator who wants to learn and is committed to providing the best opportunities for each of their students and most importantly loves to teach!

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"Firki has taught me many things but most importantly, it has taught me the importance of building strong relationships with my students. Inspired by Firki, I have started my own multimedia workshops."

Sant Gadge Maharaj Secondary School, Pune Grades 8 and 9

"Initially, I had many behavioral problems in class, but through Firki, I am trying new ways of teaching and can see my students responding to it well."

Vikas Vidhyalaya High School, Hyderabad Grade - 3

"Firki came as great resource for the iTeach fellows. The interactive portal helped them think and experience classrooms in a different manner.

iTeach Fellowship Manager Pune

See What firki can do for you


Firki has over 30 courses with engaging content, video-based learning and personal stories of other teachers and students

Curriculum and Planning

Lesson Planning

Learn how lesson planning can support you plot a course of action that can effectively help students reach their goals. Learn to organise content, materials, time, and teaching strategies.

Student and Environment

Behaviour Management Cycle

Effectively use the three-step Cycle of Behavior Management to establish positive discipline proven to be effective and increase academic outcomes.

Educational Landscape

Influences on Student Learning

Various factors contribute to learning - both school and home based. Understanding and responding to these factors allows a teacher to create a student-centered classroom.