Teaching is difficult

Firki is with you on your journey!

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Firki has over 60 engaging multimedia based courses that have
been co-created with experienced educators in the field of education.
Learn teaching strategies and explore classroom stories that can improve
your students’ learning outcomes, enhance your classroom practice
and overall development. We can also help you start a learning circle with your
fellow teachers in the school and take a Firki course together.
Write to us at contactfirki@teachforindia.org to know more.

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Join discussion groups to be part of a conversation
or start one of your own to learn, connect and share with peers and mentors from across the country.

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Firki's webinar series is an interactive online seminar to discuss and engage
with leading experts in the field of education.We have conducted over 25 webinars
on various topics and built a community of enthusiastic educators.
Recording of previous webinars and allied resources can be found under
the section webinars.Come be a part of one now!
to connect with experts in the field

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Firki is a free, world-class online teacher education platform
which focuses on supporting and celebrating multiple aspects of your role as a Teacher.

While many factors contribute to student achievement, research suggests that among school-related factors, teachers’ input and feedback matters the most. We have an urgent need to focus on providing our teachers with effective ongoing support and professional development. Through courses, webinars, learning groups, one-on-one mentor support and classroom observation and feedback, Firki continuously supports teachers in identifying their strengths and building skills to build an effective practice, leading to improved student outcomes.

How it Works


" Firki has taught me many things but most importantly, it has taught me the importance of building strong relationships with my students. Inspired by Firki, I have started my own multimedia workshops. "


Sant Gadge Maharaj Secondary School, Pune Grades 8 and 9

"Initially, I had many behavioral problems in class, but through Firki, I am trying new ways of teaching and can see my students responding to it well."


Vikas Vidhyalaya High School, Hyderabad Grade - 3

"Firki came as great resource for the iTeach fellows. The interactive portal helped them think and experience classrooms in a different manner."


iTeach Fellowship Manager Pune