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In this course you will explore the Behaviour Management Cycle, a three-step process that teachers can use to increase the learning time in their lessons. This tool helps teachers to influence student behavior and achieve desired results.

About This Course

Thank you for embarking on this journey. For an effective learning experience, please switch off any notifications, use a notebook to write down your learning and questions as you take the course. Discipline in the classroom is essential to create an environment conducive for learning. In this course, we will re-imagine an engaged yet disciplined class by learning about a simple tool called the Behavior Management Cycle.


This course meets the following standards

Teaching As Leadership

I-5 Create a welcoming environment through rational persuasion, role models, and constant reinforcement and marketing to instill values (e.g., respect, tolerance, kindness, collaboration) so that students feel comfortable and supported enough to take the risks of striving for the big goals.

E-4 Communicates high expectations for behavior by teaching, practicing and reinforcing rules and consequences so that students are focused on working hard.


CC.1.1a Understanding of common classroom management techniques for involvement, positive disciplining, addressing diversity etc. in different types of classroom settings.

CC.1.1b Ability to organise the classroom and its facilities to ensure physical safety, comfort and emotional security of the students.


Course Duration in Hours: Approx. 2-3 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes

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