As a result of this course, you will be able to understand how you currently think about working with others to improve your practice as a teacher. You will also be able to immediately create and run your learning circles with teachers from your school team, community etc. 

Thank you for embarking on this journey. This course falls under the category School and Community. So many teachers have come to accept a certain level of professional isolation. Teachers deserve more; professional collaboration improves teachers’ professional expertise and has a big impact on student learning and outcomes. As Carrie Leana states in The Missing Link in School Reform, “students showed higher gains in math achievement when their teachers reported frequent conversations with their peers that centered on math, and when there was a feeling of trust or closeness among teachers.”

A more collaborative approach can increase the likelihood that the students will succeed. Whether teachers are team teaching, meeting for team brainstorming and reflection sessions before or after school or creating a collaborative educational community, they greatly affect teacher effectiveness. 

Standards : This course meets the following standards

Teaching As Leadership Standards

C-5 Access meaningful learning experiences that direct and inform teacher improvement

CENTA Standards:

C3.1.3a: Helps peers and less experienced teachers to plan time, prioritise and sequence activities, and respond to dynamic situations.

P1.1.1a: Shares new learning readily with colleagues in informal settings and staffroom meetings.

P1.1.1b: Shows ability to work in teams including interacting constructively with peers and following team decisions and norms as relevant.

P1.1.3b: Has understanding of best practices for collaboration, teamwork and professional feedback.

P1.2.2a: Shows ability to lead teams or groups in organization activity as well as in teaching-learning activity through decision-making, consensus-building, conflict resolution etc.

Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes