At Saturday Art Class, we want to create a world where every child is inspired to create more and at the same time empower educators to help make their classrooms creative spaces.

To further our mission, we created In My Minda resource that delivers art and social-emotional learning for students, educators, paraeducators, and parents. 

Packed with 12 unique sessions comprising of art activities, knowledge pieces on artists and art forms; as well as tools for facilitators to implement the same within classrooms, In My Mind is a resource for anybody looking to blend art and SEL within systems of learning. 

Following are key features you will find inside In My Mind :

1. 12 Sessions: Each session focuses on a topic, artist, and many art activities.

2. Facilitator's guidebook: If you are an educator/paraeducator/parent, this guidebook will help you to facilitate the lessons with your children. 

3. Editable Presentations ready to download: Educators can download templates of presentations provided to customize sessions to their own classrooms.

4.  Feedback form: We would love to hear about your experience using In My Mind and suggestions to make this resource better and accessible to more children and educators. 

How to access In My Mind: 

1. If you are an educator/parent, we request you to go over each session in its stated order and implement it similarly with your children.

2. Please make sure your children have access to basic art materials before you begin implementing In My Mind. 

3. Feel free to make the sessions your own by downloading the editable presentation templates provided in order to contextualize sessions that suit the learning levels of your children. 

4. Don't forget to share your creations and your student creations with us after each session through the feedback form!

For any queries/doubts regarding In My Mind, please write to us at

Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes