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The purpose of this course is to equip teachers with strategies to work along with other members of the school staff effectively by exploring concepts of an effective team.

About This Course

Thank you for embarking on this journey. For an effective learning experience, please switch off any notifications, use a notebook to write down your learning and questions as you take the course. The ecosystem in which the teacher operates in, the people around him/her also have a profound effect on how the teacher is able to impact students. An ecosystem of support, resourcefulness and alignment helps the teacher achieve their vision of excellence. An engaged school staff is the headstart a teacher needs to face the hurdles they face. This course explores what an engaged staff is and equips teachers with strategies to engage members of the school staff.


This course meets the following standards:

 Teaching As Leadership

I-6 Respectfully mobilize students' influencers using techniques such as direct explanation, role models, modeling, constant reinforcement and marketing, etc., so that they actively invest students in working hard toward the big goals

1. Uses multiple methods and occasions to mobilize students' key influencers

2. Shares knowledge and skills on how the influencers and the teacher can accelerate students' progress

3. Shares positive news of student performance on a relative scale

4. Successfully involves students' key influencers


TL.1.1a Ability to work in teams including interacting constructively with peers and following relevant team decisions and norms.


Course Duration in Hours: Approx. 2-3 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes

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