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As a result of this course, teachers will be able to access the students holistically on multiple parameters of an excellent education using one medium - performance task. This course will enable teachers to learn what, why and how of designing an effective Performance Task and use it can be used as a summative as well as a formative assessment tool.

Course Overview:

Through this course, teachers will be able to understand the need of having task based assessments and how does performance task acts as a great tool of assessing students holistically. Teachers will understand the characteristics of an effective performance task and thus learn and create a performance task for their respective classrooms.

 About the Course:

Thank you for embarking on this journey. For an effective learning experience, please switch off any notifications, use a notebook to write down your learning and questions as you take the course.


This course meets the following standards:

1. Teaching as Leadership(TAL):

  • P-1 Create or obtain standards- aligned diagnostic, formative and summative assessments (with tracking and grading systems) to determine where students are against big goals
  • E-2 Facilitate, manage and coordinate student academic practice (in differentiated ways, if necessary) so that all students are participating and have the opportunity to gain mastery of the objectives   

 2. CENTA:

  • CD.2.2a: Shows knowledge of the purpose of content in the chosen subject and the competencies and thinking skills that this content develops.                   
  • SA.1.1a: Shows understanding of different purposes of assessment e.g. formative, summative, etc.
  • SA.1.1b: Understanding of the different assessment methods and tools.
  • SA.2.1a: Ability to select/ modify and implement an assessment, considering the assessment objectives and the classroom context.
SA.2.2a: Ability to create and implement an assessment, considering the assessment objectives and the classroom context.

Course Duration in Hours: Approx. 2-3 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes

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