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Students are more likely to achieve if they understand how it adds up to success. Investing students in the vision and big goals of the classroom is a great way to get student to see success in their work and how it adds up to greater success in the long term.

 About This Course

Thank you for embarking on this journey. This course falls under the category Classroom Culture. Students do better in the long run when they are invested in their own success. This course shows you how you can get their students to see success in your classrooms and why it is important to see success at all. It also shows you how you can build intrinsic motivation (the desire to succeed that will outlast your tenure as their teacher and the students’ time in school) in your students.


This course meets the following standards:

  • Teaching As Leadership Standards

a. I-1 Develop students' rational understanding that they can achieve by working hard ("I can") through evidence of students' own progress, statistics, explicit discussions of malleable intelligence, creative marketing, leveraging the big goals, etc

b. I-2 Develop students' rational understanding that they will benefit from achievement ("I want") through connections between class achievement and their lives and aspirations, statistics, creative marketing, leveraging the big goals, etc

c. I-3 Employ appropriate role models so that students identify with people who work hard toward achievement ("I can") and value academic achievement ("I want")

d. I-6 Respectfully mobilize students' influencers (e.g., family, peers, coach, pastor) using techniques such as direct explanation, role models, modeling, constant reinforcement and marketing, etc., so that they actively invest students in working hard toward the big goals

 CENTA Standards:

a. MS1. Holistic Development

b. MS2. Striving for Excellence

Course Duration in Hours: Approx. 2-3 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Certificate On Mail: Yes

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