Do I have to pay?

All courses and resources on Firki are free of charge.

I don’t have an email account, can I still sign up?

You can sign up on Firki using your email account, Facebook account, or Google account.

This is really exciting! How can I get my school to sign up?

Create a learning group on Firki and invite your teachers to enroll and participate. Write to us on contactfirki@teachforindia.org to get more personalized support from our team.

How do I sign up as an individual teacher?

We are glad you want to sign up on Firki. Anyone can sign up on Firki - just click on the ‘Sign-Up‘ tab and follow the directions to create your account. Once you have an account, you can access dozens of courses, resources, webinars and learning groups.

I want to sign up in Hindi for now, can I change the language later?

Firki is currently available only in English. We are working on getting our content translated into other regional languages, including Hindi.

Why is it recommended that I sign up with my school team?

We have learnt that working with peers on professional development is a huge motivating factor for all teachers and also helps build a culture of feedback in the school. The courses are designed for teachers as a part of school team to share inputs and ideas on each other’s teaching practice and offer mutual support. Having said that, it does not mean that as an independent teacher you cannot sign up.

Is it possible to fail a course?

There is no such thing as passing or failing in our courses. The assessments are only to guide your learning and development as a teacher. If you get below 90% in the assessment or feel like you need to work on a course some more, you are more than welcome to take it again. You can take each course how many ever times you want till you feel comfortable with the course material. Even if you got all the answers right in the first attempt, we suggest you keep revisiting the courses to keep your practice sharp!

Will all my results be shared with my school principal?

If you are part of closed learning group on Firki,  your mentor can see your reflective and evaluative responses. We believe it is great to share your experiences and receive feedback, as it helps you to learn and grow by supporting each other. As an individual Teacher, all your course-related information will be private. For more details regarding the use of information you provide on our website check our Privacy Policy.

Can I skip the end of course assessments?

No, you cannot skip the assessments at the end of each course. We strongly believe that the assessments are designed for you to be able to engage better with the content and learn more. It is not a reflection of how you are as a teacher but just an opportunity to understand which are the areas you are strong in and what you should focus more on. Without the assessment, the course will not be marked complete.

Will I get a certification from the University or any accreditation when I complete this course?

At this point of time, Firki is not issuing any certificates. However, we are in the process of partnering with leading teacher education organizations for certification and accreditation. You will receive a communication from us once certification is available.