Behaviour Management Cycle

Classroom Culture | Level-1
This course provides a guide for managing the learning environment. It helps you to be better prepared to handle the unpredictable environment of the classroom.

About This Course

Thank you for embarking on this journey. This course helps you explore areas that will help you manage student behaviour in your classroom effectively. It prepares you with tools and strategies to ensure a healthy learning environment in your classroom.


There are no requirements that you need in particular to take this course. If you are doing Firki through a master trainer, we suggest you do the courses in the order shared with you by your trainer.

Course Staff

Minna Sarawat

Course Design, Firki (Teach For India)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a B.Ed to take this course?

No you don’t. This is an introductory course on Firki and your experience as a teacher is a great starting point for this course.

I want to see how I have done in the course. Where is this information available?

You can use the ‘progress’ tab to check your overall performance on the course.

Once I have entered an answer, can I change it?

Yes, if you have entered an incorrect answer you can go back to the question and check to find the right answer.

What if I fail a course?

There is no such thing as passing or failing in our courses. The assessments are only to guide your learning and development as a teacher. If you get below 90% in the assessment or feel like you need to work on a course some more, you are more than welcome to take it again. Even if you got all the answers right in the first attempt, we suggest you keep revisiting the courses to keep your practice sharp!

Will my performance be shared with my school Principal or other teachers?

Your performance is for only you to see. If you go through a master trainer, he / she will also have access to your progress to help you do better.