Backwards Planning

Classroom Instruction , Self Development | Level-1
Planning is a skill one could find useful across different areas of life. Come see how you can plan effectively to meet your personal and professional goals by learning how to backwards plan.

About This Course

Welcome to the course on Backwards Planning!

The course has the following 5 sections:

Section 1- Feel: In this section, you will examine your current approach to planning

Section 2- Imagine: In this section, through different examples, you will look at why planning is important, what is Backwards Planning and the 5 Principles of Backwards Planning. You will also see how planning is a transferable skill that you can use in your personal as well as professional life.

Section 3- Do: In this section, you will practice making a plan, using the 5 Principles of Backwards Planning.

Section 4- Share: In this section, we’ll think of how we can share our learning so as to encourage our colleagues to plan well.

Section 5- Assessment: You will assess what you have learned about Backwards Planning.

Course Staff

Firki by Teach for India

This course was created by Pranati Bhalerao from Teach for India's Firki team, in collaboration with both internal and external content experts.

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