inspirED 2022, a 4-day virtual conference, aims at providing a platform to all the stakeholders of the education sector (including students, teachers, parents, and decision-makers) to come together and discuss the idea of educational leadership, address the widened learning gap, reimagine schooling and identify a collective action towards an excellent and equitable education.

Each day of the conference is dedicated to each stakeholder:
1. Leadership for Educational Equity
The first day aims at talking about the role and importance of strong and sustainable leadership in the education system. This includes - student leadership, teacher leadership, systems leadership, and leadership across different primary stakeholders.

2. Bridging the gap - leaving no child behind
The second day focuses on addressing the learning gap that increased exponentially during the pandemic. This day talks about the COVID - impact, stories of struggles and stories of success, exploring Bridge curriculum, and designing a holistic and inclusive approach to bridge the learning gap.

3. Reimagining Schooling
The third day aims at reimagining schooling in a post-pandemic world. This day highlights stories of success in the last 2 years from urban and rural contexts, the importance of blended learning in the post COVID classrooms, and preparing and supporting teachers.

4. Collective Action towards Ed-Equity
The fourth day of the conference will end with the collective action towards ed-equity through a series of sessions covering how that collective action will look like for different priorities as listed on the National Educational Policy 2020.

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Skill Level: Beginner