inspirED 2022 - a quick preview

Day 1: Schools and Schooling

Day 1 of inspirED 2022 focuses on the ‘why’ of rebuilding the system. Listen to our students, educators, parents, and corporate leaders share how they reimagined schooling during the tough times of the pandemic.

Day 2: Rebuilding the future

Day 2 of the 4-day long virtual conference will bring together stakeholders from different geographical and social contexts to identify strategies to bridge the gap for all children in India.

Day 3: Going beyond the basics

On the penultimate day of inspirED 2022, we will discuss the importance of the social, physical, and mental wellbeing of our children and design a sustainable and effective learning environment for them.

Day 4: 'You & I' in rebuilding the system

inspirED 2022 will close with 'YOU'! Come together to design a vision with our students, educators, parents, media personalities, and leaders to rebuild the system sustainably and effectively for all our children.

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